I never thought this tool would be so useful on a homestead

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When you first think of everyday, useful and (at times) critical tools on a farm or homestead, things like a multi-tool, axe, or tractor may come to mind. I never would have thought that a utility cart would fall into this category, but this is something I've come to use and depend upon just about every day of the week.

It's not that I couldn't do my work around the homestead without my utility cart. However, after a day of all the lugging around and carrying of things I do around here, my little utility cart has certainly saved me from a lot of back strain and pain.

We first bought out utility cart for our move to the homestead, as we had (and still have) a LOT of boxes of stuff to move. So, the cart was a logical thing to get. But, ever since we got out here, the cart hasn't sat idle just because we finished moving. As I just mentioned, I use this thing just about every day.

I use it to carry wood from the wood pile to the chopping block, I haul chicken feed and grain from the truck to the storage container, I use to lug water jugs around when I'm feeding the chickens, to carry lumber, straw bales, gardening supplies, and all those larger, heavier, awkward things around the yard from place to place (like rolls of chicken fencing to home-made wooden work benches). I even used it to leverage our wood stove into place.

When we first bought it, it was bright shiny red. Now-a-days, it's a faded shade of pink. It's always out in the weather and has been forgotten once or twice out in the tall grass, getting rained and snowed upon. It's been through a lot, but it's been serving us well and I would highly recommend anyone who homesteads, to have a utility cart in their arsenal of useful tools.

Who would have thought?


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