My film camera collection kicks off

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I wouldn't call myself a die-hard photography buff, but I have had an interest in photography as far as I can remember. And over the years, I've owned several cameras. But, it's only recently that I've decided to try and gain back the cameras I used to own at one time, as well as build on that collection. However, apart from the handful of digital cameras that I have in my collection, I've decided to focus on film cameras; paying particular attention to those inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras.

These are the cameras that I used most of my life. But that isn't the only reason I want to try and collect what film cameras I can (with the small budget I have these days to spend on such non-critical possessions). As the digital world has and continues to take over just about every aspect of our lives, these hand-held wonders of mechanical engineering are quietly disappearing from the face of the Earth. I think there's something of value to keeping them from vanishing into oblivion. Seems to me that film photography is a dying art form, not to mention that the cameras that take the photos are little works of art in their own right. So, I'm going to try and salvage those that I can find, at the local charity shops, flea markets, and garage sales, as spare pocket money allows.

Hope you enjoy looking at the collection as it grows. To see how the collection is growing, be sure to check out the photo album I have started, for the camera collection, here.


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