How safe are your memories?

04/02/2017 | Comments: 0 | Categories:
As I've been experimenting and playing with the new Lomo'instant camera, I got to thinking about what it was like to take photographs before digital technology. Digital photography has made it simpler to take nice looking photographs, as... Tags:

Now offering prints for some of my photos

02/18/2017 | Comments: 0 | Categories:
I've recently made prints of a few of my photographs available for sale, if anyone is interested or likes any of these photographs enough to display in your home.

For each of the photos that have prints available for purchase, I have...


My film camera collection kicks off

02/07/2017 | Comments: 0 | Categories:
I wouldn't call myself a die-hard photography buff, but I have had an interest in photography as far as I can remember. And over the years, I've owned several cameras. But, it's only recently that I've decided to try and gain back the... Tags:

New gallery launched pending ipernity closure

01/02/2017 | Comments: 0 | Categories:
Since 2008, I've been sharing photos on the social media website called ipernity. It's the only social media site that I use for sharing things, like photos and my blog. But, last year, I set-up a new blog, at www... Tags: